This is a job type of the Warrior class that seems to be on the same level as a Solider.[1]

After equipping the Thorn of Light in the Knight's Tomb, Brendel is unexpectedly given the "Proof of Inauguration" to unlock Mercenary. Since it is far better then his Militia job he is very enthusiastic to level it up.[2]

Unique skills:

Known People with this Job:

Level Experience needed


1[2] +2 unlocks "Charge" skill
2[1] +10

Str: +0.2, Phy: +0.2, Agi: +0.1, Per: +0.1
25 AP, Equipment value: 40 OZ

3[3] +20 Str: +0.2, Phy: +0.2, Agi: +0.2, Will: +0.1
4 +70 Str: +0.3, Phy: +0.2, Agi: +0.2, Per: +0.1
5 +130

Str: +0.3, Phy: +0.3, Agi: +0.2, Will: +0.1
Unlocks "Power Break" skill

6[4] +220 Str: +0.4, Phy: +0.3, Agi: +0.2, Per: +0.2
7 ? Str: +0.4, Phy: ?, Agi: ?, Will: ?
8[5] ? Str: +0.5, Phy: ?, Agi: ?, Per: ?

Note: The Novel usually tells us the total value of Brendel's Strength and does not break it down for us. However, from this we can infer what he likely received from these levels. Most of the other stats are very rarely mentioned.

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