Also referred to as "OZ."

Is an ancient word for energy level, it is the unit used to quantify the Stats within the game world. For example, 1 OZ in Strength would allow one to raise about 50 KG (110lbs) worth of weight, with a punching strength of at most 150 KG (330lbs). This would be roughly the equivalent of a human adult’s strength.[1]

As a general rule, it seems to be a multiplier. A Skeleton with a strength of 1.5 OZ would have the approximate strength of one and a half human adults.[1]

Game World

A player would start the game with "Hero" stats.[1]

Strength 2.0 OZ Intelligence 1.5 OZ
Agility 2.0 OZ Will 1.5 OZ
Physique 2.0 OZ Perception 1.5 OZ
Power Rating 5.0 OZ

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