A species of Creatures composed of the dead remains of others. Most intelligent undead worship the Twilight Dragon and have a natural disdane for other living creatures, especially humans.[1]

A lager amount of undead reside in Madara and are the primary force of their army.[2]

Common Characteristics:

  • Carrion Poison[3]
  • Because the power of souls becomes extremely unstable near fire they have a natural fear of it.[4][5]
  • Ability to perceive a person's life force directly, allowing them to determine how close to death someone is.[6]

Known types of undead:

Undead Wizards Faction

Vampire Faction

Dark Lords Faction

Lich Vampire Lord Skeleton Warrior Wraith
Undead Wizard Dark Warrior Demonic Witch
Undead Acolyte Wizard Pale Knight Skeleton Dragon
Necromancer Shadow Shaman

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